Friday 29 October 2010

My Birthday!

My birthday last Friday was really awesome! At midnight, Mariana woke me up with a German birthday song she played for me on her iPod and in the morning my whole host family sang me a birthday song and I got a beautiful blue bracelet from Marie! School was boring as always but all of my friends said "Happy Birthday" and it wasn't too bad ;) When i came home from school my wonderful sisters Stella and Mariana had prepared 17 muffins for me with 17 candles in them! The muffins were delicious =)
In the evening we went out to an Italian restaurant which was REALLY good. Even the Italians said it tasted Italian! Afterwards we tried to get into some pubs but no one would let us stay. Therefore some people bought some alcohol and TRIED to mix it with 7up and orange juice but completely messed it up and in the end it was just disgusting o.O Nevertheless, I had a great evening!
But the best thing about the day was that my dad and my grandpa came to visit me! I saw them only for half an hour but I spent the whole weekend + Monday and Tuesday with them and I really had a great time! On Saturday I showed them the few things that are worth seeing in Monaghan and in the afternoon we went to Glaslough, a small town near Monaghan where we visited a beautiful castle and took a lot of photos. On Sunday they both came to mass where I was singing in the church choir and after that we headed for Sligo. Of course we didn't go directly, we stopped in some small towns and admired the beautiful Irish landscape. I liked especially the countless lakes that are to be found all over Ireland! The water is not deep at all but they are really big and as I already said EVERYWHERE! haha ;) We even went to Mullaghmore, a village next to the sea and enjoyed the beautiful Antlantic ocean and the comparably warm weather.
The B&B we stayed at in Sligo was really cool, the people that run it were extremely friendly and they had the cutest dog I have seen =) no offense Cora and Simba, but he was cuter than you ;)
On Monday we went on the road to Dublin and arrive in the early afternoon. Afterwards we saw a little bit of Dublin but spent most of our time in the B&B. Tuesday was really nice as well, we went to Trinity College, a bookshop, Starbucks and I was even allowed to spend half an hour in Penny's ;)
In the evening I met Stella and Mariana at the bus station who had also spent the whole day in Dublin and we headed to Monaghan together. At the end of the day I was really exhausted but also extremely happy about having spent a great time with my dad and my grandpa!
I hope you enjoyed Ireland and are seriously going to buy that house! haha ;)
I miss U!
Love :D


  1. heyy :D
    Du hasts ja echt richtig gut :D
    Ich freu mich schon sooo, wenn wir dich ostern besuchen kommen *vor freude laut quietsch* (naja, eig lautlos, weil mei stimm, mei hals und mei körpertemperatur immer nu spinnen, aber egaaaal ;D) VOn mir auch nochmal alles alles gute zum Geburtstag - i kanns immer nu ned fassen, dass du scho 17 bist, da denk i, jetzt werd i a langsam alt ;)

    Wir haums leider imma nu ned gschafft, dei geschenk und da clara ihr geschenk fertigzukriegen (ned weil wir uns ned bemühen, wir versuchen echt ALLEES mögliche!!) aber sobalds vertig is, wird ein RIESENGROßeR schuhkarton auf dem weg nach Irland sein - wir geben nu a boa andere kleinigkeiten dazu, des eigentliche geschenk is sehr flach, rund (naja, es selber is rund, die verpackung is viereckig) und i glaub so langsam kannst da e denken, was es wird, oder ;)

    hab dich soo lieb, viki

  2. I checks gor ned. Überall gibts a zweite Marie im Umfeld. Bei dir und bei da clara!? Unfair ;)
    Naja,´hört sich so an, als hättest dus richtig schön gehabt, an deinem cumpleanos....
    Happy Birthday übrigens nachträglich!!!! (falls ich dirs noch nicht gewünscht haben sollte :D)