Saturday 6 November 2010

Back To School...

After a wonderful week of mid-term where I was mostly just lying around lazily doing nothing school started again on Monday. Although it was a rather boring week with countless free classes and nearly no homework I had a home economics test on Friday where we had to know everything about Microbiology, Food Preservation, Food Spoilage, Food Law and Food Agencies. Lazy as I was I only studie Microbiology and Food Preservation/Spoilage and lucky as I was we only got quesitons on these three ;) haha
Anyway, I'm not too sure about my grade since especially with Food Preservation (which is really boring) I had a few problems remembering...
Sooo, today we are going to make a pizza and tiramisu at Francesco's and afterwards we're going to watch the horror movie we didn't get a chance to watch yesterday. Tomorrow I don't know yet what we'll do, probably gym since I took an offer last week - six weeks for seventy euros (gym, pool + jacuzzi/steam room/sauna)!!
I think I have to dye my hair soon again because the red is already growing out o.O I don't know yet what colour but I don't want the same again. I think I'll just dye my haire very two months in a different colour, just to try it out ;) haha
Hm, at the moment I'm generally in a really good mood, I'm just missing one of my best friends here a lot: Lorenza from Italy. She had to go home early because her dad's cancer got worse and she's only coming back for a few days in December to pick up her things. Afterwards I'll only see her again in February when Stella, Mariana and me go to Vigevano to Stella's family. Since Vigevano is only an hour or so from Milan we can visit Lorenza easily!
That's it for the moment!
Love :D

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  1. heij duu :)

    liebe grüße von da mama, wenn da du die haare weitahin so färbst wirst boid a glatze ham!!! xD viiele bussis von mama!

    i mog aa nach italieeen!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    vü spaß beim trainiern im fitnessstudio übrigens! :)
    all the beest