Wednesday 13 October 2010


I'm sorry, I completely forgot to tell you about last Friday:
We had no school because the rest of the students were on a trip with Geography, so we (Francesco, Stella, Lorenza, Lukas and me) decided to go to Derry instead. We were a bit nervous because there had been a bomb (I don't know if it was only a threat of if it actually exploded) on the previous Sunday, but our host mum told us not to be worried because there would be loads of security now after the threat. And she was right, we had a wonderful day in Derry!
Although I didn't have much money I bough a really cute clutch for only 2.50 pounds and blue fun-glasses for 50p. We even went to a park there which was great fun as well, some of my friends put some of the photos we took there on the facebook so take a look!
Derry is a really beautiful city, although around half of the city centre consists of one shopping centre :) but the houses are realllyyyy cute and old-looking! =D
This Friday we'll probably have no school again, so maybe we'll go somewhere agaaain <3
i lOVee and MisS uU a LooT! <3

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