Wednesday 20 October 2010

Last weeks

The last weeks were partly really cool and partly quite boring.
First the cool parts:
Last Friday Lukas and Lorenza came to our house to watch some movies! We bought ice-cream and cheesecake and watched Donnie Darko, The Notebook and half an hour of Ice Age 3. It was really fun and my favourite of the three was definitely The Notebook: Though it wasn't particularly sad it made everyone cry when they both died hand in hand in the end! ;) (<- haha spoiler xD)
As far as Saturday is concerned: well, that's the boring part. We didn't really do anything the whole day and when we wanted to go out in the evening no pub would let us stay and we had to run around in the freezing cold! horrible...
Sunday was better again. We went to the gym and met some friends afterwards at McDonald's! On the whole it was quite a nice day!
This week is the last week before mid-term holidays. They are only for one week but it's nice to have some time off anyway.
Since my birthday is on Friday I'm going out to an Italian restaurant in the evening with some friends. But before that I'm going to meet my dad and grandpa!
Saturday and Sunday I'll spend with them in Monaghan and then we'll go to Sligo and stay there overnight. On Monday we'll continue our little journey to Dublin and stay there one night as well! I'm really looking forward to seeing them again because although I really don't want to go home yet I miss my family and friends A LOT!
Love ;)


  1. hey :)

    i wish you a nice journey with grandpa and daddy :) have fun (and buy some nice things in dublin xD)

    ... AND, when u get the pc,u MUST go on facebook more often :D
    is this understood???

    love u, bussiis ♥ chrilli

  2. of course my horse
    love you <3

  3. haha :D

    love you too <3
    bussiiis ♥