Monday 11 October 2010


Hey everyone!
At the moment there's not much news to tell, except
a) my hair is now red. At least it's SUPPOSED TO BE red. Actually it's kinda purple but not in a bad way. In a good way, so don't freak, my parents ;)
b) I was in the Rossmore Forest "near" (about 40 minutes walk) my home yesterday afternoon and had a lot of fun with my friends Stella, Mariana, Francesco, Marina (Brazil), Barbara (Germany) and Maike (Germany). The three of them go to the same school as Mariana does (if I haven't mentioned it or you already forgot it: she had to change school because there was something wrong with her visa...) But this forest is rather a park and we KINDA broke into a garden by climbing over (or under) the fence. BUT later we discovered that in the very back of the garden was a hidden gate so ACUTALLY we did nothing wrong ;) Well, we had a little picknick there and felt like we were in the secret garden from "The Secret Garden" (do you know the book?) There are really a lot of things to see in that park, for example a mausoleum, a waterfall and a pet cemetery.
c) I would be very grateful if someone would send me chocolate bananas from Austria. I really feel like I need some right now although I don't even know why o.O
AND last but not least:
I wouldn't mind a few comments ;)

Love ;)

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  1. Hihi, hört sich ziemlich spannend an! War sicher ein schönes Erlebnis ( Das Picknick jetzt, nicht das Einbrechen xD)
    glg aus Gallneukirchen!