Monday 13 September 2010

Weekeeeeend (for real now ;) )

Unfortunately the weekend is already over ;( but it was reeeeal fun!!! Friday night i went out with some friends and we went to a funfair with Rollercoasters and things like that. Afterwards we wanted to go to a bar but they dont let you in unless youre 18 or have a fake id, even if you dont drink any alcohol. So we just went home early. But seriously you just cant do much here ;) on saturday we went to the cinema and watched toy story 3. My favourite part was when buzz started speaking spanish xD before the movie i met a boy calles lukas who is from vienna. Actually he was supposed to go to the usa but they didnt find a host family for him, so know hes here for three months and then he will go to the usa.
Tomorrow Ill go to Dublin with the subject "Guidance" and we are going to take a look at some universties and get information about the subjects you can study there.
I miss you all sooo much!


1 comment:

  1. oiso nix mit fortgeh, I suppose?
    Tjo jo....aussa mit fake ID, hehe :-)
    Hey, du muast da unbedingt an ECHTEN Irish Coffee (mit Baileys und so) kaufen und an Qualitäts-und GEschmackstest mit unserm Schulkaffeeautomaten-kaffee mochn^^!
    Hdsl, Marie