Saturday 4 September 2010

1st week

My first week in Ireland is over now and I really hope that the next one will be just as great!!
I am soooooo lucky to have a fantastic host family and loooooovellyy sisters/hermanas/schwestern!!! Its reeaaaallyy great fun and school is not too hard either... for the moment o.O Im in 6th year (final year) and all of the Irish students are going to to their leaving certificates in summer... I dont know what exams we (the international students - there are like 20 at my school =)) will take but surely not the leaving cert because its a two-years-program and so we dont know the things the others studied in 5th year. Anywayyyys Im having a great time, meeting loooooots of greaaat people and although the school books are reaalllly expensive and the weather is a mixture of coldness and wetness
I loVe IrElANd!!!
Me, Stella & Mariana are also going to the gym EVERY day and although EVEY SINGLE MUSCLE of my body hurts I enjoy it a lot!!
I mIsS yOu A loT!!!
bussiis <3

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