Friday 10 September 2010

money money money

Hi there!
Im having a great time here in Ireland!
School is quite good (for a school). I have the following subjects:
Maths, English & PE (compulsory)
Business (actually quite interesting although the name normally implicates complete boredom ;))
Biology (I love it a looooot! If possible Im definitely going to do my Matura in Austria in Biology/English ;) )
Home Economics (really interesting, at the moment we do things like functions of a family, different types of families, etc..)
French (there are about five people in my class whove never done English before and then there are the irish students and the rest of the exchange students whove done French frome 2 to 5 years. Partly the things we do are really hard for me because of the difficult vocabulary but then again we do things like LE PRESENT... o.O)

Although most of the things here are quite cheap (like you get 5 HAPPY HIPPOS for 35 c xD) the things for school are really expensive.
English: 25 Euros for a trip to Dublin to watch the play Dancing at Lugnasa, another 8 and 10 euros for books
Guidance: 10 Euros for a trip to Dublin to check out all the universities there
Home Economics: 35 euros for the book
and 20 Euros for renting the school books
around 100 euros for buying the school uniform

So thats it for the moment, Ill be writing more as soon as I can!

P.S: I lOvE yOU! ;)


  1. o sorry that was supposed to be: five people in my class have never done FRENCH before ;)

  2. Wooos, 5 Happy Hippos um 35c??? mah heee:-(
    boah. Fies. Und, bist scho Happy-Hippo-süchtig? xD Gibts in Ireland eigentlich Kinder Pingui xD??
    hdgdl, Marie