Wednesday 29 September 2010

Mi casa es su casa

The title kind of implies my current interest with the Spanish language. I really want to improve my Spanish and I'm sure mi amiga mexicana can help me with that ;)
Other things that are going on at the moment:
-BELFAST: I've been to Belfast last Saturday with my friends! It was reaaaally cool and there is this shop (Primark) where everything is really cheap! Unfortunately I had only 28 Euro and ACTUALLY you are supposed to pay in Pounds over there o.O you can only pay with Euros if you have notes and then you get pounds back, but they don't take coins.
-HAIR: Now it's for sure: I'm getting a perm today!!! *yaaaayyyy* It's not even THAT expenisve, "just" 60/70 euros!
-BIRTHDAY: As most of you know, my 17th birthday is on the 22nd of October and my dad and grandpa are going to visit meee!!! They will go to Dublin and then come to Monaghan for a few days! *happy* AND I'll get a laptop for my birthday!!! =D
-GYM: Today is the last day of our 30-days-for-30-euros-offer, meaning we won't go to the gym any longer. (no money o.O) So currently I'm not sure what I'll do instead of the gym because there are really not many things you can do here. Maybe I'll start horseback riding again (to see the countryside etc.) but I heard that it's around 20 to 25 euros for HALF AN HOUR LESSON o.O that's really expensive, so maybe I find something cheaper that I can do...
-SCHOOL: School is not that bad, we have a lot of free classes, which means we can do all our homework and most of our study at school. Mariana had to change school (something wrong with her visa) and she has been at home for around a week now, but she will start school on Thursday now. She's already so bored at home, I think she even looks forward to it. AND her uniform looks LOAADS better than mine o.O but it's a private school, so she has to pay for going there (around 1000 euros I think).
That's it for now, I guess!

I loVE yoUU!

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