Wednesday 22 September 2010


In a few days it will be one month since I came here! But somehow I feel like Ive been here for only a few days! The time goes by so quickly when you are busy... On the other hand I feel like Ive been here for ages and my house here already feels like home to me.
Of course I miss my family and friends and I wish they were here but it's not like I want to return to Austria now!
Everything I do has kind of become routine to me: Setting my alarm clock for 7:45 but ignoring it until 8, getting up at 8, dressing, packing my school bag, having breakfast, making my sandwich (because I always forget to do it in the evening before), going to school, sitting around in partly boring partly quite interesting and partly free classes until 4. Then going home, getting out of my awful school uniform, having lunch, doing homework (if I even have some because we have so many free classes that I can do the majority of my homework at school). Then going to the gym or the library or sometimes even both, then going back home, having dinner, having a shower and then going to bed. And the next day everything all over again. But it's not like I'm bored or something I've just got used to everything already.
And the weekends are undoubtedly my favourite part of the week. Saturday is really the only day where I can sleep as long as I want in the morning. The I dress and go to the library and I'll go out in the evening with my friends. There is really not much going on in Monaghan but sometimes we find something really fun to do ;)
On Sunday I get up at eight, breakfast and then I go to church because I'm in the choir. It's not as bad as it sounds and it really is the only way for me to be able to keep up my singing...
On Sunday afternoon I do my homework and sometimes meet some friends in town.
Unfortunately there is hardly anything new to try around here...
But nevertheless I enjoy being here a lot although I would REALLy like to go to Dublin soon to do some proper shopping... Actually me, Stella and Mariana were thinking about going to Dublin durin midterm (probably only for one day because EF doesn't want us to travel around on our own much...)
I might not be really homesick but though I miss U a lot! <3


  1. Meine Liebe Theresa. Das klingt ja nun nicht gerade nach viel Abwechslung. Christiane sagt uns, daß Du in der Schule nicht zu sehr gefordert wirst. Was macht Dein Sprachunterricht in Französisch und Spanisch? Espero que puedes aaprender algo, por lo menos de tu companera Mexicana. Comment avec le Fracais? Est-ce que le niveau de l'enseignement corresponde a celui de l'Autriche? Wiegeht es Dir mit dem irischen Englisch?
    viele Fragen auf einmal!

    Ganz liebe Grüße und Bussi Oma, Opa

  2. Hi!
    Macht nichts, hab trotzdem viel Spass hier. Und ganz das selbe ists ja doch nicht immer...
    Franzoesisch ist schwierig, weil ich in der Abschlussklasse bin und wir Comprehensions machen bei denen ich wirklich fast nichts verstehe. Aber es geht...
    Spanisch hab ich keinen Unterricht aber ja, mi companera Mexicana me ayuda!!
    No, es mas dificile (kann nicht spanisch und franzoesisch hintereinander schreiben, mein Gehirn macht das nicht mit xD)
    das irische English ist quite easy und I LOVE IT xD
    euch natuerlich auch ;)

  3. Hey Resa, kannst du in deinen Blog auch Fotos hineingeben? Das wäre so super spannend (von der schule, Umgebung, Haus, Familie..etc)
    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich, Marie

  4. @ Marie: werd ich machen, kann aber im Moment aus technischen gruenden keine Fotos uploaden, sry! aber versprochen, sobald wie moeglich!
    i miss U!

  5. Liebe Resa!
    Danke für schnelle Antwort.

    Ich schreibe Dir ein Mail mit hoher Priorität. Bitte so bald wie möglich lesen und antworten. Es ist wichtig und dringend!

    Liebe Grüsse
    Oma Opa