Wednesday 1 June 2011

Graduation :)

AND here we go again ;) I actually wanted to make this part of my last post but since I'd already written so much on the Obama event I figured it would make more sense to start a new post. So here you go: I'm a full blown college graduate now! Well, if you consider my high school here a college simply because it's called "Beech Hill COLLEGE" and if you kindly decide to overlook the fact that I have still one whole year at school left, then yes. I'm a college graduate!!
And last Thursday was my graduation! That day, my last day of Irish school (*tears in my eyes...* oh wait, I hated that school :P) was supposed to be sports day but due to the awful May weather we are blessed with right now (whaaaaaat a surprise...) they had to make it a normal school day *yay*. Well, for us sixth years it wasn't. Apparently, the schools with the strictest rules (that are mercilessly enforced...) I have ever seen allows the sixth years to dress however they want on their last day of school. And they did. Ooooh yes, they did. Words fail me as I try to describe what most of them looked like. But I can give it a try by giving you one example: One girl was wearing: neon pink, sparkly tights, one ballerina and one ugg boot, a red, sparkly, long sleeved and oversized dress that looked like a santa claus costume and the school shirt (which is usually part of the uniform), ripped and completely destroyed (if I remember correctly she cut of the sleeves?) Seriously, I don't know exactly but I think you get the idea. Oh, and not to forget the most important part of her... ehm... "outfit": She had also put on a pair of pink, glittery fairy wings. WHAT THE FUCK???? Excuse my language, but seriously... that costume thingie deserves it. But she wasn't the only one dressed like that. Okay, yes, she was the only one with fairy wings but the others were no better: One had turned her old school jumper into a cardigan by tearing it apart in the front, pretty much everyone wore neon coloured stockings in yellow, red or green and they all had ripped their uniforms to shreds and wore them as part of their outfits. You can imagine what that looked like o.O
And the best part is, in the evening they were all supposed to dress up very neatly in full uniform. After they ripped it apart??? But well, I guess they all had a second set because in the evening they were back to normal: Navy trousers/checked skirt, light blue shirt, blue-white striped tie and baby blue jumper. Imagine the joy...
Graduation itself was a long and verbose procedure. They had problems with the technics and a lot of people messed up a little bit but that was to be expected, wasn't it? The best part of that ceremony was definitely the free food (CHICKEN!!!) you could get afterwards :) And because the caterers were so super creative they served the mini sausages and mini sandwiches you can get at every single party here. I'm serious, they all serve the same stuff. Not that I don't like it but it's sort of peculiar, don't you think?
Anyways, as the evening proceeded it only got better!! After the ceremony we went back home, changed suuuuper quickly (in like 10 minutes o.O) and went back to school where a bus picked us up and drove us outside town to a little pub called "Jack's". The graduation party there was totally amazing. I'm not going to go into details here but let's just say, two guys I had never seen before took off their shirts (didn't look too bad xD), one guy threw up on the dancefloor and they kicked us out at midnight because that's when the pubs close in bloody Ireland. After that we went back to town to grab some chips and kebab :P and we got home at around 2 a.m. OOOOohh, that party was good craic xD I talked to people I had never spoken to before even though they were in my class! You know how it is, a little bit of beer and suddenly everyone is best friends ;)
But it definitely was a great end to my rather not so eventful school year here! Defo cumin back me lovelies ;)


  1. heeeeeeeij :)
    was hast des? Defo cumin back me lovelis??
    hab des in google übersetzer einigschriem und dann wird des so übersetzt:
    Defo Kreuzkümmel wieder meine Lieben

    LY! ♥ chrilli

  2. LOL hahahahahahahaha chrilli des is SLANG des kon google übersetzer ned xD defo = definitely cumin = coming ;)
    you continue to amaze me :P
    love <33

  3. hahaaaa i hab mi auch schon gfragt was "defo" heißen könnte...gott sei Dank hab ich die Kommentare gelesen, bevor ichs in den Google Übersetzer getippt hätte :D
    hdl, Marie