Friday 27 May 2011

The Obama Event

First of all, my loyal readers, I am terribly, terribly sorry for making you wait so long for a new post. But to be honest, it's not ENTIRELY my fault, it's just that really nothing worth mentioning happened in the last few weeks. Just the usual: School (or better, not school since I didn't got half of the time XD), Friends (well, not much happening here either^^) aaaaand that's it. BUT this week, everything is about to change. Or has already changed. This week was super exciting for me and I decided that you really deserve to know every single thing about it! <- you are allowed to feel super special now ;)

Sooo, here we go: MONDAY was probably the best best best day of the week. Without a doubt. Because I, me, Theresa bloody Reinsprecht GOT TO SEE THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, BARACK OBAMA OF THE MONEGAL O'BAMAS (they lost the apostrophe along the way;)) WITH MY OWN BLOODY EYES!! How exciting and unforgettable is THAT? And I mean, seriously, NONE of you, I am sure, can say that they have as well so that makes me pretty special, doesn't it? And really, it was totally and doubtlessly an amazing experience. Obama's speech was great, every single one of the spectators was so happy to see him and the atmosphere in College Green in Dublin was... just wow. Really. Most of you probably know what the speech was about and I'm sure you all agree that it was truly great. And because of that, the whole of Ireland is TOTALLY in love with Barack Obama now. And deservedly so. :) I almost felt a little bit Irish, watching Obama and the crowds, I really wanted to believe that I was a part of it. And I guess, living in Ireland for nine months DOES make you a teeny tiny bit Irish. To a certain extent at least. ;)
However, the downside of being able to attend this historic event was definitely the amount of time that we had to wait in order to get access to College Green. We took the bus to Dublin at around half 9, went to get a little something to eat and then made our way to the queue. Or better, the queue for the queue as the amount of people that wanted to be part of the event was enormous. I think some people had actually gone there the previous night and slept out in the streets just to get a better view of Obama o.O So, we queued up aprox. around 1 or half 1 and then we waited. They were supposed to open the security gates at 2 but in reality, nothing happened until well after half 2 :P And even then, we could only walk a few steps at a time as the crowd pushed towards the gates, everyone super eager to get there. We spent around FOUR HOURS in that queue until we finally managed to get past the secret service (YES, that's right, i met people from the ACTUAL secret service!!!! hehehehe by now all of you should have died of jealousy ;)) Finally inside the gates we were still pretty far away from the speaker's desk BUT We. Actually. Saw. Barack. Obama. Live. LIVE! I mean, he was just a tiny splotch on the horizon BUT we could see him. :D And anyway, they had put up some big screens so we could see him better as well. So, the event which did not only consist of Obama's memorable speech but also of performances of certain acts such as JEDWARD (she's got her lipstick on here i come dadadam...), Westlife (What about now, what about today...) and the Irish actress Saoirse Ronan (you might now her from Atonement (Abbitte), she actually lives in the USA and is only 17 years old) meant another two hours of standing. And even when it was over we had to take a huge huge detour around Trinity College because all the streets were closed in order to make Obama's arrival and departure as safe as possible. Therefore, another hour of walking around. And there were still so many people about, it was SO exhausting and I was on edge already and just wanted to get away from the crowds. I think that might have been the closest I ever got to having an actual attack of agoraphobia. And believe me when I say that it was VERY close, indeed.
The next day I really couldn't be bothered to go to school, I was exhausted to the bone and my muscles ached with all that standing straight (standing is, although you might not believe it, a lot more tiring that walking because then at least you move your muscles and they don't get stiff...)
Well, my friendly readers, thank you for sticking with me through this long and detailled summary of the adventurous Obama Event on the 23 of May, 2011.
Is féidir linn, everyone! <3


  1. wahhh hört sich voi cool an, aber ich glaub ich würd spätestens nach drei Stunden
    a) ausflippen wegen der vielen Leute rundherum
    b) wegkippen weil ich nicht mehr stehen könnte^^
    bis baaldd!! Marie

  2. stimme absolut mit marie überein- ausser, dass ich dich nicht bald sehe :((( bei mir sinds noch mehr als 33 Tage :(