Saturday 5 February 2011

And February brings apocalypse...

The Irish think it's spring now but for me February has only brought an atmosphere that worryingly resembles those of "The Day After Tomorrow" and storm forces that would have blown me away easily if I had not gained much too much weight in those past five months. Especially yesterday and the day before: The temperaturs were of a comfortable 10°C but the wind was so strong it made walking a very difficult task. Finally today the storm has ceased to shake our house to its foundations and a persistant rain that actually comes straight from the sky and not out of a dangerously perpendicular direction gets our hopes up that we might have actually arrived in spring. Seriously, I desperately need some better weather conditions after a winter with a MASSIVE (warning: may contain traces of irony) amount of snow and temperatures that demonstrate the conditions of an arctic winter.
So, let's hope together that I might actually catch some rays of sunlight these days and maybe even get a little tanned - although I will admit that this is very unlikely.
Well, the storm is over now but I am left with a little souvenir that reminds me of the apocalypse mood that has dominated these past days: A proper, very uncomfortable cold that immediately rose my expenses for tissue paper in tremendous heights and leaves me with a face that's a mixture of red and white and the need to spend the whole day indoors. I was nearly inclined to take advantage of that since I have to study an enormous pile of stuff for my pre-exams next week (especially home economics and I don't know NOTHING yet o.O) but I turned out to be too busy with doing nothing than actually studying. Well, we all know I'm a tini-tiny bit lazy. Or maybe quite a lot. But I just... don't want to. Period.
I love you all <3

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  1. ui..hört sich anstrengend an :)
    Aber dont worry... ich hab auf den aktuellen Geschichtetest wahrscheinlich ca. einen halben Punkt oda so xD
    lds Marie