Saturday 22 January 2011

Eine Kuh macht muh - viele Kühe machen MÜHE!

Heey people!
Hope you're not too confused by the heading in German but it's just so fitting for what I am about to tell you:
Yesterday I was staying at Simone's house and it's not just any house - it's a farm! And they have cows there. So last night I helped Simone, her host dad and her host brother Christopher MILK the cows. Not as much fun as it sounds like. I had to cover my whole body so that I wouldn't get TOO dirty and then we went to the cows. And I can tell you, it was TERRIFYING!!! haha
There are cows on your right and on your left and you have to reach between their hind legs to reach their udder and I was just incredibly scared they would kick me! So I asked Simone to tell me which ones the nicer cows were that wouldn't move too much :)
So, in order to milk them you have to clean them first, then put on the milking machines, then take them off again after some time and then disinfect the udder. And all that for every single one of them o.O It definitely was an experience that I'm glad I made ONCE but milking cows in a temperature of -10° is not exactly my cup of tea.
After the milking Simone and me went to the birthday party of Bernie, a girl from our school, and it was sooo much fun!!! The two of us sang "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia in Karaoke, danced the Hokey Pokey and were simply having fun with friends! :D
The perfect Friday night! :D

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