Wednesday 16 February 2011

Adios exams :P

FINALMENTE my exams are over!!!
It's not that they were too hard or anything, it's just that I'm SICK of studying stuff I won't need again anyway!!
e.g. English - pretty much quite a lot to study and next year I'll be in the English group that's probably the worst of our whole grade. So, you see I'll be much too good for that teacher next year :P
Home Economics - HELL of a lot to study and I don't even have this subject in Austria!! <- ergo: totally pointless!
Maths - don't get me started on that one... I guess I could actually TEACH my TEACHER Maths better than he me... Mostly because he's stupid and I'm superintelligent haha no, but the part of him being stupid is true. Unfortunately. And Ordinary Level Maths is just a joke, I don't learn anything I don't already know and so that's also pretty useless :P
I didn't do French after all cause Maths already was two exams, English as well so I actually already did FIVE exams and I didn't study for French anyway...

So, next week are finally HOLIDAYS <3
My holidays started today since I don't have exams today and neither on Thursday or Friday!
And the best part is, next week I'll finally go to Italy!!!! I'm so happy :D
We'll go to Milan and meet all our Italian friends again and then we'll even stay in Venice for a night!! Yeeeees you can all be jealous ;)
And btw, now I finally now the date of my return:
@ everyone: I want a big WELCOME from all of you on the 9th of June ;) don't disappoint me :P haha xD
Love Love Love <3

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