Thursday 6 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry guys, I know I'm a little late but here's my Happy New Year to you!! I hope you had a great time partying and I'm looking forward to the next one which I can finally spend with you again!!! I didn't do much since most of our friends are already gone: We just went to the Italian restaurant and afterwards went to the park with some remaining friends. Not much at all. But it was fun anyway ;)
Apart from that the holidays are quite a boring time for us. We don't do much, only on Sunday Stella's family (her mom, her dad, her sister Gioia and Claire, the American girl they are hosting) came to visit and after Stella showed them the amazing town of Monaghan Stella, Mariana, Gioia, Claire and me went to the cinema to watch Love & other Drugs. My review: It was a good movie but I wouldn't say it was the best I've watched this year. Oh well, actually so far it was the only one but you know what I mean :D
Monday and Tuesday Stella spent with her family in Dublin while Mariana and me stayed at home. Tuesday we did some cooking: Mariana made mexican CHILAQUILES and I was brave enough to try a piece of original Mexican chili: I just tried a tiny tiny bit but that was quite spicy so I can imagine how the whole thing would taste ;) But now I can definitely say I'm a fan of Mexican food :D
I did some Griessnockerlsuppe myself which Mariana like a lot so next week I'm going to cook it for the whole family, I hope it turns out good!
Yesterday we went to Dublin to pick up Stella and did some shopping as well: I bought really gorgeous High Heels, a skirt and Pyjama panties ;)

And the most important thing: Viki & Klara finally booked their flights for April!!! I'm SOOO HAPPY that you guys are coming, I miss u soo much <3 <3 <3 <3

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