Wednesday 24 November 2010

On a scale from 1 to Ireland, how broke are you?

It's all over the news so I guess all of you are perfectly aware of the fact that Ireland is broke. So far this does not have any consequences for me, I just hope that they won't raise the prices for things too much... My host father as well as most of the Irish population says that it's really really embarassing for Ireland to have to ask the European Union for help... the awkward moment when you have to ask the EU for 9 bn euros^^
Let's move on to nicer things than my host country's financial crisis!
Last Saturday was Francesco's birthday party! Although his birthday was acutally on Sunday he decided to celebrate on Saturday so we went to the same Italian restaurant where we went for my birthday. The food was fantastic and Francesco had even made a tiramisu which we ate as dessert! It was absolutely wonderful, he really is a fantastic cook ;) Afterwards we went to the park (in the cold^^) and we stayed there until it was time to go home. Sunday we went to the probably biggest event of the year here in Monaghan: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SWITCH ON haha
Seriously, they had even invited some unimportant participant of last year's X-Factor (a TV show everyone here is crazy about, they are looking for good singers...) and he gave a little concert that kinda lacked enthusiasm as far as the audience is concerned... but in fact, most of them were 10 year old children so who could have expected more? We haven't heard his name (Jamie Archer) before Sunday but that didn't keep us from screaming his name, throwing our arms in the air and looking extremely happy to see him ;) we had so much fun joking around that I even forgot how freezing it was!
School is rather boring, it's kinda the same every day and every week... But it's okay, I didn't expect school to be something interesting anyway^^ The only things that are really cool are when speakers of universties come to talk about student life and their courses. That's really interesting although I don't actually plan on going to universtiy in Ireland because they give you a lot of general information that can be applied to any university I guess!
That's it for now, see yous soon ;)
Love :D


  1. Hallo, mein Englisch ist gerade gut genug, um über deinen aktuellen Eintrag herzlich lachen zu können. Stelle mir das so plastisch vor, wie du im Park neben den Zehnjährigen die Arme in die Höhe wirfst ... wünsche weiterhin gute Unterhaltung! Bussi, Ma

  2. te extraño resiiii. me parece que hay muchisimo que hacer en tu pueblito...
    a mi si me gusta el colegio.. la verdad es que me fugo de tantas clases jaja y por eso no es tan aburrido... y siempre algien se fuga de clases entonces siempre hay algien para conversar... :) me entiendes? tqm