Wednesday 8 June 2011

El último día

there you go LOL
If I translated that to Enlish it would probably be something like this: I am freaking out. If you already guessed that: CONGRATULATIONS! you speak excitedish LOL
For those of you who were not able to follow my little ... ahem... "word play" (riiiiiiight^^) let me just explain that I'm a lot of things right now.
I am
a) nervous -> reasons: possible plane crash, potentially delayed flights, potentially missed flight, PROBABLE overweight and the fact that I'll have to wear high heels for the whole day since they are my heaviest shoes and I'm doing my best to get the weight of my suitcase under 20kg.
b) excited -> reasons: don't really know why, it's just this feeling of change and the knowledge that what used to be my "old and normal" life here is going to end and I'm going back into my "previous" life. LOL nvm
c) happy -> reasons: do I really have to explain something so obvious? Fine, MY FAMILY <3 everyone who's part of my family and who's reading this right now: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I MISS YOU EVEN MORE AND I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO COMING BACK HOME TO SUCH A LOVELY GROUP OF PEOPLE. Don't go back to annoying me too soon, okay? ;)
And of course my FRIENDS who I unfortunately won't be able to see until next week <3
d) sad -> reasons: Pretty obvious as well, innit? I am going to miss this country so much. And more importantly, I'm going to miss all these AMAZING people that I got to meet here! Guys, you are so important to me and I'm going to miss you like hell! BUT we all know it's not the end, someday somehow we are going to meet again and it's going to be the BEST craic EVER!!!! And here a special shoutout to my lovely host sister: Stella, you're the best! Thank you for everything, I'll never forget you! LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 <3 <3

So, guys, that's all I have time for, I gotta get back to packing and listening to "Friday" :P
Lots of Irish Luckk!!!!

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Graduation :)

AND here we go again ;) I actually wanted to make this part of my last post but since I'd already written so much on the Obama event I figured it would make more sense to start a new post. So here you go: I'm a full blown college graduate now! Well, if you consider my high school here a college simply because it's called "Beech Hill COLLEGE" and if you kindly decide to overlook the fact that I have still one whole year at school left, then yes. I'm a college graduate!!
And last Thursday was my graduation! That day, my last day of Irish school (*tears in my eyes...* oh wait, I hated that school :P) was supposed to be sports day but due to the awful May weather we are blessed with right now (whaaaaaat a surprise...) they had to make it a normal school day *yay*. Well, for us sixth years it wasn't. Apparently, the schools with the strictest rules (that are mercilessly enforced...) I have ever seen allows the sixth years to dress however they want on their last day of school. And they did. Ooooh yes, they did. Words fail me as I try to describe what most of them looked like. But I can give it a try by giving you one example: One girl was wearing: neon pink, sparkly tights, one ballerina and one ugg boot, a red, sparkly, long sleeved and oversized dress that looked like a santa claus costume and the school shirt (which is usually part of the uniform), ripped and completely destroyed (if I remember correctly she cut of the sleeves?) Seriously, I don't know exactly but I think you get the idea. Oh, and not to forget the most important part of her... ehm... "outfit": She had also put on a pair of pink, glittery fairy wings. WHAT THE FUCK???? Excuse my language, but seriously... that costume thingie deserves it. But she wasn't the only one dressed like that. Okay, yes, she was the only one with fairy wings but the others were no better: One had turned her old school jumper into a cardigan by tearing it apart in the front, pretty much everyone wore neon coloured stockings in yellow, red or green and they all had ripped their uniforms to shreds and wore them as part of their outfits. You can imagine what that looked like o.O
And the best part is, in the evening they were all supposed to dress up very neatly in full uniform. After they ripped it apart??? But well, I guess they all had a second set because in the evening they were back to normal: Navy trousers/checked skirt, light blue shirt, blue-white striped tie and baby blue jumper. Imagine the joy...
Graduation itself was a long and verbose procedure. They had problems with the technics and a lot of people messed up a little bit but that was to be expected, wasn't it? The best part of that ceremony was definitely the free food (CHICKEN!!!) you could get afterwards :) And because the caterers were so super creative they served the mini sausages and mini sandwiches you can get at every single party here. I'm serious, they all serve the same stuff. Not that I don't like it but it's sort of peculiar, don't you think?
Anyways, as the evening proceeded it only got better!! After the ceremony we went back home, changed suuuuper quickly (in like 10 minutes o.O) and went back to school where a bus picked us up and drove us outside town to a little pub called "Jack's". The graduation party there was totally amazing. I'm not going to go into details here but let's just say, two guys I had never seen before took off their shirts (didn't look too bad xD), one guy threw up on the dancefloor and they kicked us out at midnight because that's when the pubs close in bloody Ireland. After that we went back to town to grab some chips and kebab :P and we got home at around 2 a.m. OOOOohh, that party was good craic xD I talked to people I had never spoken to before even though they were in my class! You know how it is, a little bit of beer and suddenly everyone is best friends ;)
But it definitely was a great end to my rather not so eventful school year here! Defo cumin back me lovelies ;)

Friday 27 May 2011

The Obama Event

First of all, my loyal readers, I am terribly, terribly sorry for making you wait so long for a new post. But to be honest, it's not ENTIRELY my fault, it's just that really nothing worth mentioning happened in the last few weeks. Just the usual: School (or better, not school since I didn't got half of the time XD), Friends (well, not much happening here either^^) aaaaand that's it. BUT this week, everything is about to change. Or has already changed. This week was super exciting for me and I decided that you really deserve to know every single thing about it! <- you are allowed to feel super special now ;)

Sooo, here we go: MONDAY was probably the best best best day of the week. Without a doubt. Because I, me, Theresa bloody Reinsprecht GOT TO SEE THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, BARACK OBAMA OF THE MONEGAL O'BAMAS (they lost the apostrophe along the way;)) WITH MY OWN BLOODY EYES!! How exciting and unforgettable is THAT? And I mean, seriously, NONE of you, I am sure, can say that they have as well so that makes me pretty special, doesn't it? And really, it was totally and doubtlessly an amazing experience. Obama's speech was great, every single one of the spectators was so happy to see him and the atmosphere in College Green in Dublin was... just wow. Really. Most of you probably know what the speech was about and I'm sure you all agree that it was truly great. And because of that, the whole of Ireland is TOTALLY in love with Barack Obama now. And deservedly so. :) I almost felt a little bit Irish, watching Obama and the crowds, I really wanted to believe that I was a part of it. And I guess, living in Ireland for nine months DOES make you a teeny tiny bit Irish. To a certain extent at least. ;)
However, the downside of being able to attend this historic event was definitely the amount of time that we had to wait in order to get access to College Green. We took the bus to Dublin at around half 9, went to get a little something to eat and then made our way to the queue. Or better, the queue for the queue as the amount of people that wanted to be part of the event was enormous. I think some people had actually gone there the previous night and slept out in the streets just to get a better view of Obama o.O So, we queued up aprox. around 1 or half 1 and then we waited. They were supposed to open the security gates at 2 but in reality, nothing happened until well after half 2 :P And even then, we could only walk a few steps at a time as the crowd pushed towards the gates, everyone super eager to get there. We spent around FOUR HOURS in that queue until we finally managed to get past the secret service (YES, that's right, i met people from the ACTUAL secret service!!!! hehehehe by now all of you should have died of jealousy ;)) Finally inside the gates we were still pretty far away from the speaker's desk BUT We. Actually. Saw. Barack. Obama. Live. LIVE! I mean, he was just a tiny splotch on the horizon BUT we could see him. :D And anyway, they had put up some big screens so we could see him better as well. So, the event which did not only consist of Obama's memorable speech but also of performances of certain acts such as JEDWARD (she's got her lipstick on here i come dadadam...), Westlife (What about now, what about today...) and the Irish actress Saoirse Ronan (you might now her from Atonement (Abbitte), she actually lives in the USA and is only 17 years old) meant another two hours of standing. And even when it was over we had to take a huge huge detour around Trinity College because all the streets were closed in order to make Obama's arrival and departure as safe as possible. Therefore, another hour of walking around. And there were still so many people about, it was SO exhausting and I was on edge already and just wanted to get away from the crowds. I think that might have been the closest I ever got to having an actual attack of agoraphobia. And believe me when I say that it was VERY close, indeed.
The next day I really couldn't be bothered to go to school, I was exhausted to the bone and my muscles ached with all that standing straight (standing is, although you might not believe it, a lot more tiring that walking because then at least you move your muscles and they don't get stiff...)
Well, my friendly readers, thank you for sticking with me through this long and detailled summary of the adventurous Obama Event on the 23 of May, 2011.
Is féidir linn, everyone! <3

Saturday 9 April 2011

Time for a short lesson in Irish Culture & Language :)

Sooooo, since I've been here for quite a while now I know pretty much everything about Ireland and thought, why not share it with the world? :P
First of all a few general things:
1.) I (very reluctantly) agree with Viki that there are no, I repeat, NO HANDSOME BOYS in Ireland! Absolutely NONE. What a shame :P This whole year seems like a waste haha No, seriously, it was quite frustrating finding out that I was to spend nine months without anything pretty to look at xD
That brings us to point 2.) The girls are not much better looking^^ First of all, most Irish girls are quite un-pretty as well and secondly, They. Dress. Unbelievably. Slutty. Not all of them but definitely the vast majority. One example: Deepest winter, -15° C, me even reluctant to go out at all, them: No tights, dresses that could barely be called shirts and heels too high to be able to even stand upright^^ There's no other word to describe that, I'm sorry ladies^^
3.) The Irish drink way too much. Okay, that's not a secret but it has made my life here quite difficult. Why? Well, with the majority of the Irish population tending to be drunk A LOT, everyone is REALLY strict about not letting you in ANYWHERE if you're not eighteen. They are obviously trying to keep the youngsters from drinking as long as they can, which is, in my opinion, not such a bad thing, IF it would actually work. But the thing is, with such strict rules and everyone enforcing it so adamantly, "drinking" has become some kind of really forbidden thing that everyone wants to do regardless. Or even BECAUSE it is forbidden. We all now, the forbidden things are a lot more tempting that the ones we could do without fear of any repercussions. And there always IS a way to get your hands on alcohol, if you really want to. So, ultimately, the whole "You're not eighteen, you don't have ID, get out of here"-act has kind of backfired. Terribly.

Now, the Irish language - meaning, the Irish English - is a funny thing :) Here are the words and phrases that are used about as frequently as the auxiliary verbs:

1) LIKE haha this word is being used ALL THE TIME. Even by me ;) If it fits into the sentence or not, it is not only used to compare things or to express approval but also if you just need something to make your sentence longer. I'll give you a short conversation to demonstrate the above statement:
A: Hey, what do you want to do today? Like you know, for your birthday.
B: Like I was thinking about like going to the Forum (quick note: the Forum is the only disco in Monaghan). Like I hear that it's really cool, but like I've never been there myself so like I don't know for sure.
A: Yeees, that's like a really good idea!
B: And afterwards we could like go get some chips! Like at the pizza shop or something.
A: Is it like still open at that time?
B: Sure. The forum ends at like three and I was at that shop once like at two in the morning. You know like on St. Patrick's Day.
Do I really need to continue? :P
2.) WEE ;) since it's the Irish synonym for "little" or "small" it's being used constantly. BUT since it also means to pee, it's kind of weird XD
3.) FAIR ENOUGH this expression means something similar to "very well then" and is used ALL THE TIME ;) Man, I'm going to miss hearing this xD
4.) HAPPY ENOUGH if you want to ask someone like "are you content with that" or "is that okay with you" you just say "happy enough?" ;)
5.) GOOD ENOUGH I know, the "enough"-phrases are quite a few ;) This one is simply used when you get asked somthing like: "How are you?" or "How was that party?" etc. - "Oh, it was good enough" ;)

For now, that's about it but I probably forgot quite a few. I'll upload a second part as soon as I think of something :D
Love youS all (btw another thing: the Irish use an additional s to the second person plural: instead of "how are you?" you use "how are yous?" if it's directed at a group of people. How awesome is that? xD I think that's actually my favourite <3

Tuesday 5 April 2011

St. Patrick's Day :)

Hey everyone!
I know I know I know, St. Patrick's Day was a few weeks ago but I thought I'm just gonna upload a post about it to kinda let you know what it was like for me.

Me and about 20 of my friends had rented a bus in advance so we didn't have to rely on the public transport. We wanted to get a good place so we could watch the Parades properly and therefore arranged the bus to start from Monaghan at 7:30. Getting up that day was quite hard but it turned out to be totally worth it! We arrived in Dublin around 4 hours before the Parades started and were able to secure places in the very first rows! The Parade itself were absolutely amazing! I put some pictures up on the side to give you taste but I took many more and I'll show the them to you when I come back! (in less than ten weeks, by the way ;))
The Parade was over surprisingly soon an EVERYBODY went... to get drunk. At three in the afternoon. All the pubs were completely packed, the streets were crowded with people dressed in green, orange and white and as I said, everyone was wasted. A lot. Even 14-year-olds and younger "children" had drunk more than just a pint and were actually lying on the ground, unable to get up anyomre. It seems the Irish use their national holiday simply as an excuse to be drunk the whole day. No matter the age.
Me and some of my friends (Stella, Edu, Tazio, Barbara, Tazio's friend Jakob and Marc) went to St. Stephen's Green Park to hang out. The park was packed as well and they had actual security guards positioned there to check the people's bags for alcohol^^ Inside the park they had guards patrolling and checking groups of people at random for alcohol. They are not that paranoid for no reason...
We stayed in that park until it was time to go home around six o'clock. The bus driver dropped us off at the Shopping Centre in Monaghan and we went to a local pub. Only that it was completely deserted! At first I was surprised but my guess is that all the people were already too drunk to be out any more and had already gone home :P
We stayed out quite long that night because our host mum had said we could stay at home from school the next day anyway! A great night after a great day :D I'm definitely coming back to Ireland for St.Patrick's Day sometime!!!
Definitely worth the trip!

Féach leat níos déanaí! :D

Sunday 13 March 2011

Che Bella Italia!

The midterm holidays held a special treat for us since we got to go to Italy for a week! We really had an awesome time as we saw Milan and - the best part - VENICE!!! The weather was absolutely beautiful although it was quite cold but at least we had loads of sunshine :)
We had to get up really early every day since we wanted to make the most of our time there and we were also walking around a lot but it was worth every single minute of it! I saw more of Italy in this one week than in all the times we've been to Italy before together! I went to Cioccolaterias, Gelatierias, the Duomo in Milan, and saw most of what there is to see in Venice.
However, my favourite part was and is the food! :D After having been living on the Irish diet for such a long time it definitely was a very pleasant alternative :D As we were staying with Stella's family we always had dinner at her place and usually both of her parents worked together to create the most delicious food I've ever tasted! No offense, mommy, but I think Stella's dad is even a better cook than you are :P Then only thing is that the Italian people don't only eat extremely tasty food but also SO MUCH lol I didn't even know that, until we went to Stella's grandma's house once to have lunch there... delicious, but I couldn't finish everything as it really was incredibly much!
I really enjoyed my time in Italy and I'm definitely going to visit Venezia many more times as it is one of the most amazing cities I've ever been to <3

Now, about more recent events:
Mariana's gone :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
She went home last week on Wednesday after Stella and me skipped school for two days to spend her last days in Ireland together. On Tuesday we even went to Dublin to the airport with her and saying good-bye to one of my very best friends here in Ireland definitely wasn't easy. I already miss her so much and Mexico isn't exactly easy to get to from Austria... But we've already made plans for seeing each other again, and I'm sure we'll never lose contact as we've become exceptionally great friends in the past months and know almost everything about each other!

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Adios exams :P

FINALMENTE my exams are over!!!
It's not that they were too hard or anything, it's just that I'm SICK of studying stuff I won't need again anyway!!
e.g. English - pretty much quite a lot to study and next year I'll be in the English group that's probably the worst of our whole grade. So, you see I'll be much too good for that teacher next year :P
Home Economics - HELL of a lot to study and I don't even have this subject in Austria!! <- ergo: totally pointless!
Maths - don't get me started on that one... I guess I could actually TEACH my TEACHER Maths better than he me... Mostly because he's stupid and I'm superintelligent haha no, but the part of him being stupid is true. Unfortunately. And Ordinary Level Maths is just a joke, I don't learn anything I don't already know and so that's also pretty useless :P
I didn't do French after all cause Maths already was two exams, English as well so I actually already did FIVE exams and I didn't study for French anyway...

So, next week are finally HOLIDAYS <3
My holidays started today since I don't have exams today and neither on Thursday or Friday!
And the best part is, next week I'll finally go to Italy!!!! I'm so happy :D
We'll go to Milan and meet all our Italian friends again and then we'll even stay in Venice for a night!! Yeeeees you can all be jealous ;)
And btw, now I finally now the date of my return:
@ everyone: I want a big WELCOME from all of you on the 9th of June ;) don't disappoint me :P haha xD
Love Love Love <3

Saturday 5 February 2011

And February brings apocalypse...

The Irish think it's spring now but for me February has only brought an atmosphere that worryingly resembles those of "The Day After Tomorrow" and storm forces that would have blown me away easily if I had not gained much too much weight in those past five months. Especially yesterday and the day before: The temperaturs were of a comfortable 10°C but the wind was so strong it made walking a very difficult task. Finally today the storm has ceased to shake our house to its foundations and a persistant rain that actually comes straight from the sky and not out of a dangerously perpendicular direction gets our hopes up that we might have actually arrived in spring. Seriously, I desperately need some better weather conditions after a winter with a MASSIVE (warning: may contain traces of irony) amount of snow and temperatures that demonstrate the conditions of an arctic winter.
So, let's hope together that I might actually catch some rays of sunlight these days and maybe even get a little tanned - although I will admit that this is very unlikely.
Well, the storm is over now but I am left with a little souvenir that reminds me of the apocalypse mood that has dominated these past days: A proper, very uncomfortable cold that immediately rose my expenses for tissue paper in tremendous heights and leaves me with a face that's a mixture of red and white and the need to spend the whole day indoors. I was nearly inclined to take advantage of that since I have to study an enormous pile of stuff for my pre-exams next week (especially home economics and I don't know NOTHING yet o.O) but I turned out to be too busy with doing nothing than actually studying. Well, we all know I'm a tini-tiny bit lazy. Or maybe quite a lot. But I just... don't want to. Period.
I love you all <3

Saturday 22 January 2011

Eine Kuh macht muh - viele Kühe machen MÜHE!

Heey people!
Hope you're not too confused by the heading in German but it's just so fitting for what I am about to tell you:
Yesterday I was staying at Simone's house and it's not just any house - it's a farm! And they have cows there. So last night I helped Simone, her host dad and her host brother Christopher MILK the cows. Not as much fun as it sounds like. I had to cover my whole body so that I wouldn't get TOO dirty and then we went to the cows. And I can tell you, it was TERRIFYING!!! haha
There are cows on your right and on your left and you have to reach between their hind legs to reach their udder and I was just incredibly scared they would kick me! So I asked Simone to tell me which ones the nicer cows were that wouldn't move too much :)
So, in order to milk them you have to clean them first, then put on the milking machines, then take them off again after some time and then disinfect the udder. And all that for every single one of them o.O It definitely was an experience that I'm glad I made ONCE but milking cows in a temperature of -10° is not exactly my cup of tea.
After the milking Simone and me went to the birthday party of Bernie, a girl from our school, and it was sooo much fun!!! The two of us sang "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia in Karaoke, danced the Hokey Pokey and were simply having fun with friends! :D
The perfect Friday night! :D

Thursday 6 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry guys, I know I'm a little late but here's my Happy New Year to you!! I hope you had a great time partying and I'm looking forward to the next one which I can finally spend with you again!!! I didn't do much since most of our friends are already gone: We just went to the Italian restaurant and afterwards went to the park with some remaining friends. Not much at all. But it was fun anyway ;)
Apart from that the holidays are quite a boring time for us. We don't do much, only on Sunday Stella's family (her mom, her dad, her sister Gioia and Claire, the American girl they are hosting) came to visit and after Stella showed them the amazing town of Monaghan Stella, Mariana, Gioia, Claire and me went to the cinema to watch Love & other Drugs. My review: It was a good movie but I wouldn't say it was the best I've watched this year. Oh well, actually so far it was the only one but you know what I mean :D
Monday and Tuesday Stella spent with her family in Dublin while Mariana and me stayed at home. Tuesday we did some cooking: Mariana made mexican CHILAQUILES and I was brave enough to try a piece of original Mexican chili: I just tried a tiny tiny bit but that was quite spicy so I can imagine how the whole thing would taste ;) But now I can definitely say I'm a fan of Mexican food :D
I did some Griessnockerlsuppe myself which Mariana like a lot so next week I'm going to cook it for the whole family, I hope it turns out good!
Yesterday we went to Dublin to pick up Stella and did some shopping as well: I bought really gorgeous High Heels, a skirt and Pyjama panties ;)

And the most important thing: Viki & Klara finally booked their flights for April!!! I'm SOOO HAPPY that you guys are coming, I miss u soo much <3 <3 <3 <3

Thursday 30 December 2010

Xmas and the like...

Hello there, my dear friends from far away :)
I was quite looking forward to the Irish Christmas and was actually a bit disappointed in the end. Sure, the food - a turkey, loads of trimmings and three different cakes for dessert - was delicious but we kinda spent the day like any other: in front of the TV. No family time. At all.
Well, at least we have the water back again :D
So, tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we don't have ANYTHING planned yet. We'll probably go to Dublin, but we don't know where to go or what to do... it's really boring o.O
Having nothing to do I miss you guys so much :(
Love you <3

Friday 24 December 2010


Hey there!
I actually didn't want to upload any posts here until after Christmas but since we're in a little MAJOR crisis here I decided to make a change of plans. Okay, by now you should be either a) worried or b) extremely curious. Or both. Well, the crisis is: We. Do. Not. Have. Water. Seriously. No Water. How come, you might ask. Well, due to the EXTREMELY low temperatures of -18°C the pipes (Wasserleitungen) ARE FROZEN and there is no water coming to our house! Half of the town doesn't have water and that kind of means we'll have a Christmas without water. What an experience...
Anyway, now we can't take showers OR flush the toilet OR use the water-tap (Wasserhahn)!!!

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee.... NO WATER

thanks for that o.O

So, that's it. But don't worry about me, I'm fine and I'll enjoy Xmas just as much!!
Love you loads,
Resa <3

Thursday 16 December 2010

It's been a looong time...

First of all, I apologize for being the lazy person I am and not updating my blog regularly! Mariana would say I'm flojisima xD
Anyway, I'm going to fill you in on all the stuff that's happened the past few weeks. Be prepared, this is going to be quite a long post ;)

SNOW: Around the same time when the snow hit Austria for the first time this year the white fluffy stuff also paid a visit to the Emerald Isle where it resulted in a chaos beyond compare. OHMIGOSH WE HAVE SOOO MUCH SNOOOOOW *shriek* Well. The "soo much snow" ended up being barely 5 centimeter high. And guess what: The schools closed. Because of the snow. The reason: Ireland is to broke to afford winter tyres. Okay, I'm not too sure about the part of not being able to afford it but they definitely don't have winter tyres here. This resulted in the roads closing, the school busses not going and therefore the schools closing as well because no one would show up anyway. Of course, all the students where completely thrilled over the free days, including me and my hermanas ;) whe had several days off for two or three weeks as long as the snow lasted.

After the cold snap we went to GALWAY: When we hopped on the bus at 9am on the 8th of December I was sure that I was going to return with not a single Euro but with bags full of clothes and stuff I wouldn't need in normal life anyway. (see the end of this paragraph for confirmation) The ride to Galway took us about 4 hours and by the time we had arrived in the hostel it was about half past 1 p.m. Other than in Monaghan the snow in Galway had already melted away due to the warm sea winds that constantly blew over the city. The hostel we stayed at was located directly in the center of town so the shops were merely a few minutes' walk away and it was really convenient and easy to spend all my money on the things I had predicted I would buy.
That night we went out to look for some place to go but since we're underaged no one would let us stay until we found one club that let us in: It was called Dignity- lose yours on the dancefloor and the two friendly boys we met in the entrance were so nice to inform us that this was a gay club. Really. We didn't mind ;) It was actually the best club I've been at since I've been to Ireland, they had great music, only maybe 10 guests and me and my friends had so much fun, partly due to making fun of the weird situation of being a straigt in a guy club =) At 11:40 pm they threw us out because we didn't have an ID but still it was an awesome night!
The second day in Galway we made the halfhearted attemp to do some sightseeing and not only shopping but we didn't do a very good job with looking at the map so we ended up seeing three things - one of them exactly in front of our hostel but that was the one we walked the longest for to find - and taking some pictures at the docks. That night we were so worn out that we just stayed at the hostel and watched a film ;)
The third day we just packed our things, went to the shopping centre for maybe half an hour and then boarded the bus home. After another 4 hours back we discovered that the snow in Monaghan had melted as well during our journey and that was the end of the schoolfree-days.

So, on the whole I had very enjoyable weeks but that makes it even worse to face the sad facts that face me right now: So many of my friends are leaving tomorrow for their homecountries and although we promised each other to meet again I had to say good-bye to them today for what seemed forever.
Here's a little tribute to them:

So, back to you my dear readers who I have let down much too often by not keeping you up to date:
Hugs & Kisses from Ireland,

Wednesday 24 November 2010

On a scale from 1 to Ireland, how broke are you?

It's all over the news so I guess all of you are perfectly aware of the fact that Ireland is broke. So far this does not have any consequences for me, I just hope that they won't raise the prices for things too much... My host father as well as most of the Irish population says that it's really really embarassing for Ireland to have to ask the European Union for help... the awkward moment when you have to ask the EU for 9 bn euros^^
Let's move on to nicer things than my host country's financial crisis!
Last Saturday was Francesco's birthday party! Although his birthday was acutally on Sunday he decided to celebrate on Saturday so we went to the same Italian restaurant where we went for my birthday. The food was fantastic and Francesco had even made a tiramisu which we ate as dessert! It was absolutely wonderful, he really is a fantastic cook ;) Afterwards we went to the park (in the cold^^) and we stayed there until it was time to go home. Sunday we went to the probably biggest event of the year here in Monaghan: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SWITCH ON haha
Seriously, they had even invited some unimportant participant of last year's X-Factor (a TV show everyone here is crazy about, they are looking for good singers...) and he gave a little concert that kinda lacked enthusiasm as far as the audience is concerned... but in fact, most of them were 10 year old children so who could have expected more? We haven't heard his name (Jamie Archer) before Sunday but that didn't keep us from screaming his name, throwing our arms in the air and looking extremely happy to see him ;) we had so much fun joking around that I even forgot how freezing it was!
School is rather boring, it's kinda the same every day and every week... But it's okay, I didn't expect school to be something interesting anyway^^ The only things that are really cool are when speakers of universties come to talk about student life and their courses. That's really interesting although I don't actually plan on going to universtiy in Ireland because they give you a lot of general information that can be applied to any university I guess!
That's it for now, see yous soon ;)
Love :D

Monday 15 November 2010

Giant's Causeway

Last Saturday we went to Giant's Causeway, the a part of coast in the very North of Ireland! We were 32 people (one didn't show up) and since we were so many we decided to rent a bus! It was only 11 euros for each and it took us a bit over 2 hours to reach Giant's Causeway. But it was definitely worth it! We were so lucky that it was a wonderful day, not a cloud in the sky and it wasn't even too cold! The sea was beautiful and we had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures!!! Afterwards we went to Derry for some time and then home ;)
That's it for the moment =)
love :D

Saturday 6 November 2010

Back To School...

After a wonderful week of mid-term where I was mostly just lying around lazily doing nothing school started again on Monday. Although it was a rather boring week with countless free classes and nearly no homework I had a home economics test on Friday where we had to know everything about Microbiology, Food Preservation, Food Spoilage, Food Law and Food Agencies. Lazy as I was I only studie Microbiology and Food Preservation/Spoilage and lucky as I was we only got quesitons on these three ;) haha
Anyway, I'm not too sure about my grade since especially with Food Preservation (which is really boring) I had a few problems remembering...
Sooo, today we are going to make a pizza and tiramisu at Francesco's and afterwards we're going to watch the horror movie we didn't get a chance to watch yesterday. Tomorrow I don't know yet what we'll do, probably gym since I took an offer last week - six weeks for seventy euros (gym, pool + jacuzzi/steam room/sauna)!!
I think I have to dye my hair soon again because the red is already growing out o.O I don't know yet what colour but I don't want the same again. I think I'll just dye my haire very two months in a different colour, just to try it out ;) haha
Hm, at the moment I'm generally in a really good mood, I'm just missing one of my best friends here a lot: Lorenza from Italy. She had to go home early because her dad's cancer got worse and she's only coming back for a few days in December to pick up her things. Afterwards I'll only see her again in February when Stella, Mariana and me go to Vigevano to Stella's family. Since Vigevano is only an hour or so from Milan we can visit Lorenza easily!
That's it for the moment!
Love :D

Friday 29 October 2010

My Birthday!

My birthday last Friday was really awesome! At midnight, Mariana woke me up with a German birthday song she played for me on her iPod and in the morning my whole host family sang me a birthday song and I got a beautiful blue bracelet from Marie! School was boring as always but all of my friends said "Happy Birthday" and it wasn't too bad ;) When i came home from school my wonderful sisters Stella and Mariana had prepared 17 muffins for me with 17 candles in them! The muffins were delicious =)
In the evening we went out to an Italian restaurant which was REALLY good. Even the Italians said it tasted Italian! Afterwards we tried to get into some pubs but no one would let us stay. Therefore some people bought some alcohol and TRIED to mix it with 7up and orange juice but completely messed it up and in the end it was just disgusting o.O Nevertheless, I had a great evening!
But the best thing about the day was that my dad and my grandpa came to visit me! I saw them only for half an hour but I spent the whole weekend + Monday and Tuesday with them and I really had a great time! On Saturday I showed them the few things that are worth seeing in Monaghan and in the afternoon we went to Glaslough, a small town near Monaghan where we visited a beautiful castle and took a lot of photos. On Sunday they both came to mass where I was singing in the church choir and after that we headed for Sligo. Of course we didn't go directly, we stopped in some small towns and admired the beautiful Irish landscape. I liked especially the countless lakes that are to be found all over Ireland! The water is not deep at all but they are really big and as I already said EVERYWHERE! haha ;) We even went to Mullaghmore, a village next to the sea and enjoyed the beautiful Antlantic ocean and the comparably warm weather.
The B&B we stayed at in Sligo was really cool, the people that run it were extremely friendly and they had the cutest dog I have seen =) no offense Cora and Simba, but he was cuter than you ;)
On Monday we went on the road to Dublin and arrive in the early afternoon. Afterwards we saw a little bit of Dublin but spent most of our time in the B&B. Tuesday was really nice as well, we went to Trinity College, a bookshop, Starbucks and I was even allowed to spend half an hour in Penny's ;)
In the evening I met Stella and Mariana at the bus station who had also spent the whole day in Dublin and we headed to Monaghan together. At the end of the day I was really exhausted but also extremely happy about having spent a great time with my dad and my grandpa!
I hope you enjoyed Ireland and are seriously going to buy that house! haha ;)
I miss U!
Love :D

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Last weeks

The last weeks were partly really cool and partly quite boring.
First the cool parts:
Last Friday Lukas and Lorenza came to our house to watch some movies! We bought ice-cream and cheesecake and watched Donnie Darko, The Notebook and half an hour of Ice Age 3. It was really fun and my favourite of the three was definitely The Notebook: Though it wasn't particularly sad it made everyone cry when they both died hand in hand in the end! ;) (<- haha spoiler xD)
As far as Saturday is concerned: well, that's the boring part. We didn't really do anything the whole day and when we wanted to go out in the evening no pub would let us stay and we had to run around in the freezing cold! horrible...
Sunday was better again. We went to the gym and met some friends afterwards at McDonald's! On the whole it was quite a nice day!
This week is the last week before mid-term holidays. They are only for one week but it's nice to have some time off anyway.
Since my birthday is on Friday I'm going out to an Italian restaurant in the evening with some friends. But before that I'm going to meet my dad and grandpa!
Saturday and Sunday I'll spend with them in Monaghan and then we'll go to Sligo and stay there overnight. On Monday we'll continue our little journey to Dublin and stay there one night as well! I'm really looking forward to seeing them again because although I really don't want to go home yet I miss my family and friends A LOT!
Love ;)

Wednesday 13 October 2010


I'm sorry, I completely forgot to tell you about last Friday:
We had no school because the rest of the students were on a trip with Geography, so we (Francesco, Stella, Lorenza, Lukas and me) decided to go to Derry instead. We were a bit nervous because there had been a bomb (I don't know if it was only a threat of if it actually exploded) on the previous Sunday, but our host mum told us not to be worried because there would be loads of security now after the threat. And she was right, we had a wonderful day in Derry!
Although I didn't have much money I bough a really cute clutch for only 2.50 pounds and blue fun-glasses for 50p. We even went to a park there which was great fun as well, some of my friends put some of the photos we took there on the facebook so take a look!
Derry is a really beautiful city, although around half of the city centre consists of one shopping centre :) but the houses are realllyyyy cute and old-looking! =D
This Friday we'll probably have no school again, so maybe we'll go somewhere agaaain <3
i lOVee and MisS uU a LooT! <3

Monday 11 October 2010


Hey everyone!
At the moment there's not much news to tell, except
a) my hair is now red. At least it's SUPPOSED TO BE red. Actually it's kinda purple but not in a bad way. In a good way, so don't freak, my parents ;)
b) I was in the Rossmore Forest "near" (about 40 minutes walk) my home yesterday afternoon and had a lot of fun with my friends Stella, Mariana, Francesco, Marina (Brazil), Barbara (Germany) and Maike (Germany). The three of them go to the same school as Mariana does (if I haven't mentioned it or you already forgot it: she had to change school because there was something wrong with her visa...) But this forest is rather a park and we KINDA broke into a garden by climbing over (or under) the fence. BUT later we discovered that in the very back of the garden was a hidden gate so ACUTALLY we did nothing wrong ;) Well, we had a little picknick there and felt like we were in the secret garden from "The Secret Garden" (do you know the book?) There are really a lot of things to see in that park, for example a mausoleum, a waterfall and a pet cemetery.
c) I would be very grateful if someone would send me chocolate bananas from Austria. I really feel like I need some right now although I don't even know why o.O
AND last but not least:
I wouldn't mind a few comments ;)

Love ;)

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Friends, Books, Music

Saturday was my favourite day of last week:
In the morning I went to the library and afterwards me, Stella, Mariana and Lorenza (exchange student from Italy) went to Francesco's house (from Italy as well) to have lunch there. I have to say it was probably the best lunch in a looong time: Tagliatelle and for dessert we hade chessecake <3 <3 <3 <3 YUMMYYY!! =) Unfortunately he wants each of us to pay him 6 euros for the ingredients now... o.O Oh well, I'll do Marillenknoedel sometime and then I'll charge him TEN EUROS just to be mean ;)
In the evening me and Mariana went to Gemma's birthday party (a girl from our school who turned 18 last week) in a pub and it was REALLY COOL! She and her family had rented a part of the pub so it was only some awesome music and even awesomer people!! The things that happened there include a peanut-battle (peanuts flying through the air are certainly something, I can tell xD) some everybody-dances-like-crazy and boys paying us drinks... only a little something of course ;) We were REALLY exhausted from that tiring day so on Sunday we stayed in our pyjamas the whole day, sleepily walking around and didn't leave the house =)
To keep the promise I made in the heading I'm going to tell you how many books I read in the month I've been here:
- To Kill A Mockingbird
- Lies Of Silence
- Shiver
- Fallen
- Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four
- Night World: Volume Three (three books in one)
- The Red-Headed Stepchild
- The Mage In Black
- The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones
As you can see most of them are Fantasy books and I really have to say that I am a HUGE fan of them ;) nothing new actually but I really only read fantasy in the last weeks o.O
AND I have a new favourite band: The Modena City Ramblers
They are Italian (and sing in Italian o.O) but the music is just AWESOME (they mostly sing about Ireland and therefor the music itself is kinda irish). My favourite songs are:
- Bella Ciao
- I Cento Passi (une due tre quattro cinque dieci cento passi *hmhhmmh* probably spelled wrong but who cares ;))
And everything here (especially the all present rain) is really inspiring, I already wrote a few songs here and I still have loads of ideas for some more ;)
I guess that's it for the moment!


Wednesday 29 September 2010

Mi casa es su casa

The title kind of implies my current interest with the Spanish language. I really want to improve my Spanish and I'm sure mi amiga mexicana can help me with that ;)
Other things that are going on at the moment:
-BELFAST: I've been to Belfast last Saturday with my friends! It was reaaaally cool and there is this shop (Primark) where everything is really cheap! Unfortunately I had only 28 Euro and ACTUALLY you are supposed to pay in Pounds over there o.O you can only pay with Euros if you have notes and then you get pounds back, but they don't take coins.
-HAIR: Now it's for sure: I'm getting a perm today!!! *yaaaayyyy* It's not even THAT expenisve, "just" 60/70 euros!
-BIRTHDAY: As most of you know, my 17th birthday is on the 22nd of October and my dad and grandpa are going to visit meee!!! They will go to Dublin and then come to Monaghan for a few days! *happy* AND I'll get a laptop for my birthday!!! =D
-GYM: Today is the last day of our 30-days-for-30-euros-offer, meaning we won't go to the gym any longer. (no money o.O) So currently I'm not sure what I'll do instead of the gym because there are really not many things you can do here. Maybe I'll start horseback riding again (to see the countryside etc.) but I heard that it's around 20 to 25 euros for HALF AN HOUR LESSON o.O that's really expensive, so maybe I find something cheaper that I can do...
-SCHOOL: School is not that bad, we have a lot of free classes, which means we can do all our homework and most of our study at school. Mariana had to change school (something wrong with her visa) and she has been at home for around a week now, but she will start school on Thursday now. She's already so bored at home, I think she even looks forward to it. AND her uniform looks LOAADS better than mine o.O but it's a private school, so she has to pay for going there (around 1000 euros I think).
That's it for now, I guess!

I loVE yoUU!

Wednesday 22 September 2010


In a few days it will be one month since I came here! But somehow I feel like Ive been here for only a few days! The time goes by so quickly when you are busy... On the other hand I feel like Ive been here for ages and my house here already feels like home to me.
Of course I miss my family and friends and I wish they were here but it's not like I want to return to Austria now!
Everything I do has kind of become routine to me: Setting my alarm clock for 7:45 but ignoring it until 8, getting up at 8, dressing, packing my school bag, having breakfast, making my sandwich (because I always forget to do it in the evening before), going to school, sitting around in partly boring partly quite interesting and partly free classes until 4. Then going home, getting out of my awful school uniform, having lunch, doing homework (if I even have some because we have so many free classes that I can do the majority of my homework at school). Then going to the gym or the library or sometimes even both, then going back home, having dinner, having a shower and then going to bed. And the next day everything all over again. But it's not like I'm bored or something I've just got used to everything already.
And the weekends are undoubtedly my favourite part of the week. Saturday is really the only day where I can sleep as long as I want in the morning. The I dress and go to the library and I'll go out in the evening with my friends. There is really not much going on in Monaghan but sometimes we find something really fun to do ;)
On Sunday I get up at eight, breakfast and then I go to church because I'm in the choir. It's not as bad as it sounds and it really is the only way for me to be able to keep up my singing...
On Sunday afternoon I do my homework and sometimes meet some friends in town.
Unfortunately there is hardly anything new to try around here...
But nevertheless I enjoy being here a lot although I would REALLy like to go to Dublin soon to do some proper shopping... Actually me, Stella and Mariana were thinking about going to Dublin durin midterm (probably only for one day because EF doesn't want us to travel around on our own much...)
I might not be really homesick but though I miss U a lot! <3

Monday 13 September 2010

Weekeeeeend (for real now ;) )

Unfortunately the weekend is already over ;( but it was reeeeal fun!!! Friday night i went out with some friends and we went to a funfair with Rollercoasters and things like that. Afterwards we wanted to go to a bar but they dont let you in unless youre 18 or have a fake id, even if you dont drink any alcohol. So we just went home early. But seriously you just cant do much here ;) on saturday we went to the cinema and watched toy story 3. My favourite part was when buzz started speaking spanish xD before the movie i met a boy calles lukas who is from vienna. Actually he was supposed to go to the usa but they didnt find a host family for him, so know hes here for three months and then he will go to the usa.
Tomorrow Ill go to Dublin with the subject "Guidance" and we are going to take a look at some universties and get information about the subjects you can study there.
I miss you all sooo much!



Friday 10 September 2010

money money money

Hi there!
Im having a great time here in Ireland!
School is quite good (for a school). I have the following subjects:
Maths, English & PE (compulsory)
Business (actually quite interesting although the name normally implicates complete boredom ;))
Biology (I love it a looooot! If possible Im definitely going to do my Matura in Austria in Biology/English ;) )
Home Economics (really interesting, at the moment we do things like functions of a family, different types of families, etc..)
French (there are about five people in my class whove never done English before and then there are the irish students and the rest of the exchange students whove done French frome 2 to 5 years. Partly the things we do are really hard for me because of the difficult vocabulary but then again we do things like LE PRESENT... o.O)

Although most of the things here are quite cheap (like you get 5 HAPPY HIPPOS for 35 c xD) the things for school are really expensive.
English: 25 Euros for a trip to Dublin to watch the play Dancing at Lugnasa, another 8 and 10 euros for books
Guidance: 10 Euros for a trip to Dublin to check out all the universities there
Home Economics: 35 euros for the book
and 20 Euros for renting the school books
around 100 euros for buying the school uniform

So thats it for the moment, Ill be writing more as soon as I can!

P.S: I lOvE yOU! ;)

Saturday 4 September 2010

1st week

My first week in Ireland is over now and I really hope that the next one will be just as great!!
I am soooooo lucky to have a fantastic host family and loooooovellyy sisters/hermanas/schwestern!!! Its reeaaaallyy great fun and school is not too hard either... for the moment o.O Im in 6th year (final year) and all of the Irish students are going to to their leaving certificates in summer... I dont know what exams we (the international students - there are like 20 at my school =)) will take but surely not the leaving cert because its a two-years-program and so we dont know the things the others studied in 5th year. Anywayyyys Im having a great time, meeting loooooots of greaaat people and although the school books are reaalllly expensive and the weather is a mixture of coldness and wetness
I loVe IrElANd!!!
Me, Stella & Mariana are also going to the gym EVERY day and although EVEY SINGLE MUSCLE of my body hurts I enjoy it a lot!!
I mIsS yOu A loT!!!
bussiis <3

Sunday 29 August 2010


It is so fantastic here!!! Everything is green, but not the same kind of green! You find so many shades of green here
My host family is so nice and lovely that I already feel at home here. Monaghan really is a small town but the houses are beautiful (and look all the same ;)) and the weather also is quite nice (it hastnt even rained much)
im not sure how often i can update this blog but im trying to find a way to let you know how i am!!

Friday 27 August 2010


uaah, last night in Austria o.O I´m sooo nervous but soooooo damn happy at the same time ;)
But I´m sure I´m going to have a greeeeat time so here´s goodbye to my family and friends, thanks for being sooo wonderful! Love you <3

Wednesday 25 August 2010


TWO things that I probably need to leave at home because my luggage is already to heavy:
- my Spanish books (I probably won't have time to study Spanish anyway)
- books =(

Tuesday 24 August 2010


THREE things I want to do in Ireland:
- learn riverdance (i just LOVE it xD)
- learn a new instrument or practice new types of sports
- found a band ;)


FOUR things that are going to be hard:
- school
- being away from home for one whole year
- take care of how much money I spend
- being on my own

Monday 23 August 2010


FIVE things I'm going to miss the most:
- my family
- my friends
- Austrian food
- German (I'm not 100 % percent sure about that though^^)
- my computer ;)

Sunday 22 August 2010


SIX things I´m looking forward to:
- speaking English all dayyy
- make new friends
- Irish culture (music, etc.)
- get more pocket money ;)
- the countryside
- my host family

yaaaayy =)

one week

Yesterday it was exactly SEVEN DAYS!!!
So I decided to write down
- go shopping (presents, clothes, etc.)
- pack my suitcase
- finish the book I´m reading at the moment (Around The World In 80 Days - Jules Verne)
- tidy-up my room
- print some pictures of my family & friends (to show my host family)
- study some maths in advance^^
- make a list of what I´m going to take with me

Monday 26 July 2010


Only one more month and than it´s time for me to start my exchange year! No one who hasn´t lived a year in a foreign country can imagine what this feeling is like you have when you think about this oncoming experience. Actually it´s not just one single feeling but a mixture of nervousness, extreme joyfulness, unsureness and sometimes I have these tiny itzy bitzy moments of doubt where I wonder if it was the right decision to leave my family and friends for themselves for a whole year. But I think everybody doubts his or her decisions sometimes, what matters is if you still think it was a bad decision AFTERWARDS or not.
Anyway, that´s me one month before my exchange year. When I´ll be back we can compare the me now and the me then and look what´s different ;) that would surely be intersting!
Slán agat,
a very ambivalent feeling Resa <3

Wednesday 30 June 2010

Irish Humour

I don't know if you already know but the Irish humour is a little... well, weird^^
Here are a few examples of jokes =)

At the World Women's Conference, the first speaker from England stood up: "At last year's conference we spoke about being more assertive with our husbands.

Well after the conference I went home and told my husband that I would no longer cook for him and that he would have to do it himself.

After the first day I saw nothing. After the second day I saw nothing. But after the third day I saw that he had cooked a wonderful roast lamb."

The crowd cheered.

The second speaker from America stood up: "After last year's conference I went home and told my husband that I would no longer do his laundry and that he would have to do it himself. After the first day I saw nothing. After the second day I saw nothing. But after the third day I saw that he had done not only his own washing but my washing as well."

The crowd cheered.

The third speaker from Ireland stood up: "After last year's conference I went home and told my husband that I would no longer do his shopping and that he would have to do it himself. After the first day I saw nothing. After the second day I saw nothing. But after the third day I could see a little bit out of my left eye."

An Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman walk into a pub. They proceed to each buy a pint of Guinness.

Just as they were about to enjoy their creamy beverage three flies landed in each of their pints, and were stuck in the thick head.

The Englishman pushed his beer away from him in disgust.

The Scotsman fished the offending fly out of his beer and continued drinking it as if nothing had happened.

The Irishman too, picked the fly out of his drink, held it out over the beer and then started yelling, "SPIT IT OUT, SPIT IT OUT YOU BASTARD!!!" xD

The Top Ten Signs That You're Being Stalked by a Leprechaun

Generic-looking green van parked across the street with Notre Dame bumper sticker.

Every time you turn around the pitter-pattering stops and that green fire hydrant seems to have gotten a little closer.

Green lipstick marks on the butt of your Dockers.

You're being followed by a large woman with a sultry voice and a dying career. (Oops! That's a sign you're being stalked by Chaka Khan.)

You don't recall owning an anatomically correct lawn gnome.

Card delivered with the bouquet of 4-leaf clovers reads, "I bet you're magically delicious!"

When you come home from work, the potatoes are missing from the cupboard and your parrot is singing "Danny Boy."

Prank caller has a really corny Irish accent, and Richard Gere has an airtight alibi.

Those tiny green hairs on your toilet seat.

Sultry voice from shower soap dish asks, "Is that your shillelagh, or are you just happy to see me?"

Pink hearts, yellow moons, blue diamonds scratched on your car at knee-level, and Ross Perot is nowhere to be found.

Them little green pellets in the litter box ain't M&M's, Chester.

Every day this week you've noticed the same buckle shoes dangling just above the floor in the stall next to you.

Well...^^ What do you think of it? ;)

Sunday 27 June 2010

2 more months!

Only 62 more days until my flight to Ireland! Omg, I'm so excited and a little nervous, I must admit...
I don't know yet what I'm going to pack and I have no idea what I'm going to give my family as a welcome present AND I have nothing yet to give my friends as a goodbye gift o.O
Clara's making me really nervous since she already HAS all the stuff she's going to give us and she's been thinking about it for about a month! I guess my time has slowly come too...

One would think that school doesn't make any more trouble since there are only two more weeks left until the holidays but since I've been ill the whole last week it's not over yet for me. I have to hand in a history presentation until tomorrow evening and I have to study Biology for my test on Monday and I don't know ANYTHING yet o.O well, tomorrow's obviousy going to be a rough day^^
Anyway, at least soon it's all over and them I'm not going to see my school for a whole year! o.O Don't know if that makes me happy...

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Orientation Meeting!

Next week on Saturday I'll go to Vienna on an Orientation Meeting of EF! I'm really excited and I hope Stella, my Italian friend who will stay with me in Ireland, will tell me something about HERS since it's already this week! Apart from that, I haven't much to tell concerning my exchange, so good night =D

Wednesday 26 May 2010