Tuesday 5 April 2011

St. Patrick's Day :)

Hey everyone!
I know I know I know, St. Patrick's Day was a few weeks ago but I thought I'm just gonna upload a post about it to kinda let you know what it was like for me.

Me and about 20 of my friends had rented a bus in advance so we didn't have to rely on the public transport. We wanted to get a good place so we could watch the Parades properly and therefore arranged the bus to start from Monaghan at 7:30. Getting up that day was quite hard but it turned out to be totally worth it! We arrived in Dublin around 4 hours before the Parades started and were able to secure places in the very first rows! The Parade itself were absolutely amazing! I put some pictures up on the side to give you taste but I took many more and I'll show the them to you when I come back! (in less than ten weeks, by the way ;))
The Parade was over surprisingly soon an EVERYBODY went... to get drunk. At three in the afternoon. All the pubs were completely packed, the streets were crowded with people dressed in green, orange and white and as I said, everyone was wasted. A lot. Even 14-year-olds and younger "children" had drunk more than just a pint and were actually lying on the ground, unable to get up anyomre. It seems the Irish use their national holiday simply as an excuse to be drunk the whole day. No matter the age.
Me and some of my friends (Stella, Edu, Tazio, Barbara, Tazio's friend Jakob and Marc) went to St. Stephen's Green Park to hang out. The park was packed as well and they had actual security guards positioned there to check the people's bags for alcohol^^ Inside the park they had guards patrolling and checking groups of people at random for alcohol. They are not that paranoid for no reason...
We stayed in that park until it was time to go home around six o'clock. The bus driver dropped us off at the Shopping Centre in Monaghan and we went to a local pub. Only that it was completely deserted! At first I was surprised but my guess is that all the people were already too drunk to be out any more and had already gone home :P
We stayed out quite long that night because our host mum had said we could stay at home from school the next day anyway! A great night after a great day :D I'm definitely coming back to Ireland for St.Patrick's Day sometime!!!
Definitely worth the trip!

Féach leat níos déanaí! :D

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