Monday 26 July 2010


Only one more month and than it´s time for me to start my exchange year! No one who hasn´t lived a year in a foreign country can imagine what this feeling is like you have when you think about this oncoming experience. Actually it´s not just one single feeling but a mixture of nervousness, extreme joyfulness, unsureness and sometimes I have these tiny itzy bitzy moments of doubt where I wonder if it was the right decision to leave my family and friends for themselves for a whole year. But I think everybody doubts his or her decisions sometimes, what matters is if you still think it was a bad decision AFTERWARDS or not.
Anyway, that´s me one month before my exchange year. When I´ll be back we can compare the me now and the me then and look what´s different ;) that would surely be intersting!
Slán agat,
a very ambivalent feeling Resa <3

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  1. Ich glaube, du wirst es nicht bereuen, ich hoffe es zumindest für dich. Bahhh...das ist alles so spannend!!!
    (HOFFE ich :-D)
    hdggggdl, Marie